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I love talking to you, and it makes me sad that you fall asleep, but not because you’re not responding, but because I’m not able to be there with you to sleep by your side.

I thought I wanted to change the world. I wanted to be a leader of men, a force to be reckoned with, an inspiration to all.

But then I realized that wasn’t really it.

In the end I’ve come to realize that I do not need to go down in history, do not need to make a name for myself. 

My whispered name on your lips will be better than all those infamous pages within battered textbooks. Mild acknowledgement from faceless masses holds no candle to the unbridled love and dedication from your sweet and tender touch. 

I can be your queen, your enforcer, your rock; but it does not come without price.

You must show me your loyalty.

You must show me your honesty.

You must show me your respect.

Only hopeless romantics believe that love is the only thing that will hold them to their obsessions.

Of all these things you give to me, I shall do the same. 

My love, I do not need the others to validate my existence, and I do not need you. But you and I, we could become unstoppable, unmovable, infallible. 

We could be terrifyingly perfect.

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